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5, 12, View our Webinar: Are You Up-to-Date on Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards?
Do you process or store credit card transactions? Join our webinar for an introduction to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) Compliance.
6, 15, Watch Our Webinar: Cybersecurity Best Practices for Protecting Your Business
Listen to Jeff Ziplow, from BlumShapiro Consulting, and Tim Ronan, from Pullman & Comley, as they discuss cybersecurity and how to protect your business from potential threats.
8, The 4th Industrial Revolution
The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us. What does this mean, and what do you need to know to be prepared? Is your organization ready to face a digital transformation?
8, Critical Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Issues for Municipalities
Cybersecurity is a topic at the forefront of conversation for many municipalities and their respective Boards. Protecting a municipality’s information from potential security threats and attacks is an important issue that is affecting an increasing number of organizations. It is pivotal for the leadership team to understand where their municipality and the respective departments stand in terms of protection, identifying potential vulnerabilities and having an incident-response plan in the case of an attack.
8, Protecting Your Municipality: Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Issues
Join Jeff Ziplow, from BlumShapiro Consulting, as he discusses the topic of cybersecurity and how you can better protect your municipality from potential threats.
7, 14, Measuring What Matters: Non-Profit Financial Metrics for Success
During this webinar, you'll learn what is driving forward-thinking non-profits to place a strong emphasis on success metrics—and the next steps you can take to put them into practice in your organization.
8, Is Your Industry at Risk for Digital Disruption?
Join our webinar and hear from Noah Ullman, Director of Business Development, at BlumShapiro Consulting as he discusses the importance of preparing your organization for a digital first future.
8, 14, Five Telltale Signs Your Business Has Outgrown QuickBooks
For growing organizations with evolving needs, QuickBooks is just too basic, requiring inefficient workarounds, duplicate data entry and spreadsheets. Join David Fionda, CPA, from BlumShapiro Consulting for a brief webinar to learn the 5 Telltale Signs that Your Company has Outgrown QuickBooks.
9, 12, Grow Your Non-Profit's Donor and Member Base with Marketing Automation
Non-profits today are facing the constant challenge of tracking and managing member information, and communicating in a relevant and targeted way. Join David Hale, from BlumShapiro Consulting, along with Chris Daley of ClickDimensions for a brief webinar to learn how to Grow Your Non-Profit's Donor and Member Base with Marketing Automation.
9, 12, Powering the Modern Office
Join Brian Berry, Michael Pelletier and Noah Ullman from BlumShapiro Consulting as they discuss specific business challenges facing companies like yours and technology and process changes that can solve them. Competing in this age of disruption and digital transformation requires technology to be a significant part of your business strategy, not just a means to an end. You will see how you can effectively use technology to engage your customers, empower your employees, optimize operations and transform products.
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