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What’s the best way to design a solution? It depends on your situation and needs, of course. As such, our technology consultants are proficient in both agile and traditional/waterfall based models for designing solutions for our clients. Each approach provides benefits in its own right and we bring our experience to the table to ensure the approach aligns well with the project and the organization. BlumShapiro Consulting generally follows the Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) in delivering solutions to our clients.

Solution Design Methodology: The Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF)



Although there are differences in the execution, the general process is as follows:


The vision and scope document created during the envisioning phase serves as input to the planning phase. During this phase we will work towards understanding the specific goals and requirements of the project and develop a plan, design and approach for satisfying those requirements.

With plans in place we move through the other phases by developing the solution, building or acquiring any additional hardware or software required for the solution and get it to a point where we have something that can be tested. After we stabilize the solution we deploy it.


Early in the planning phase, the team analyzes and documents requirements in a list or tool. Requirements fall into four broad categories:

  • Business requirements
  • User requirements
  • Operational requirements
  • System requirements (those of the solution itself)


During the building phase the team accomplishes most of the building of solution components (documentation, installation, configuration, code, etc.). However, some development work may continue into the stabilization phase in response to testing. This phase involves more than code development and software developers. The infrastructure is also developed during this phase and all roles are active in building and testing deliverables.


This phase of the project involves testing the solution in a more rigorous and integrated fashion than that which takes place during the build phase. At this point end-user representatives will get involved to validate that the system operates correctly and meets the originally outlined requirements.

Once we reach a level of confidence that all challenges have been addressed and the requirements have been met we will deploy the solution into the production environment.


During this phase, the team deploys the core technology and site components, stabilizes the deployment, transitions the project to operations and support, and obtains final customer approval of the project. After the deployment, the team conducts a project review and a customer satisfaction survey.

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