• Accounting Software Helps Town Meet Reporting Requirements
    A New England town with approximately 7,500 residents was using an antiquated and poorly designed accounting system. Among the many issues faced by the finance department, the system would not allow users to reconcile their bank accounts in a timely manner. Simple inquiries such as researching which cash receipts were posted as part of a particular deposit would take hours. As a result, the Town fell almost a year behind in their reconciliations which resulted in substantial delays in their annual audit.
  • High-tech Manufacturer Invests in Future and Selects New ERP System
    A leading manufacture’s aging ERP software and hardware was no longer being supported. As a result, they risked business interruption in the event of a hardware or software failure. In addition, the software did not provide modern features necessary to support their changing business environment and the needs of their customers and vendors.
  • BlumShapiro Assists Retail Jewelry Supplier in Selecting Consumer Goods ERP
    A leading jewelry supplier’s collection of poorly integrated applications was limiting their ability to run their business efficiently and adapt to new requirements. Their core homegrown application was old, inflexible, hard to support, had limited features and was not integrated with their accounting application which had also become dated. BlumShapiro was invited to recommend an upgrade path for their accounting application, with the ultimate goal that it could also replace their home grown application. After further review, we determine their current application may not be the best solution for their consumer goods oriented business and recommended a software selection project to find the application that was the best fit.
  • City of the Future: Guiding the City of Danbury into the Future
    Working with Mayor Boughton and his staff, BlumShapiro developed a multi-year strategic plan to bridge the gap between where the City was and where it, ultimately, wants to be.
  • Distributor Executes New Technology — Processes Exceed Customer Demands and Return on Investment
    A full line distributor of disposable dental and medical supplies to test laboratories and hospitals for 300 leading medical supply manufacturers, and its sister company who manufacturers medical kits, were simultaneously experiencing rapid growth and changing requirements as a result of entering new markets. Their outdated system had become limited and difficult to use.
  • City of the Future: Envisioning the Future for the City of New Britain
    In collaboration with Mayor Stewart and her staff, BlumShapiro framed a strategic vision that re-imagines New Britain and incorporates new ideas and emerging approaches to city government that serves to engage constituents, while setting the stage for change.
  • Town of Mansfield Implements Internal Control Process and Procedure
    The Town of Mansfield underwent an extensive financial and operational controls review provided by BlumShapiro Consulting. The project included a complete review and testing of our current policies and procedures, followed by recommendations for improvement―updates to current controls and implementation of additional controls.
  • IntegraMed Streamlines Accounting Operations with Sage Intacct
    A fast growing medical company was continually opening new clinics throughout the U.S. Every time they added a new clinic, their financial system required a complete new implementation for that new clinic, including chart of accounts, vendors and configuration. Their accounting team was spending hours creating new companies, setting up intercompany transactions and creating consolidating reports to reflect its growing portfolio of clinics. In addition, processing vendor invoices from multiple locations and satisfying managers’ reporting requirements was a serious burden on the staff. All in all, their finance system was not scalable for their rapid growth.
  • Project Management Solution Makes Corporate Tax Department More Efficient
    The corporate tax department of a global Fortune 100 international manufacturer was struggling to meet the demands of their company’s tax and M&A transactions that were not only growing in number, but in complexity. In order to effectively manage this growing need, they began looking for a project management solution that was able to help find efficiencies in their work streams and provide the following
  • BlumShapiro Leads Comprehensive Data Quality Project for OneSource Water
    OneSource Water's executive team chose BlumShapiro Consulting to work with them on their data quality challenges. Blumhapiro's technology consultants undertook a series of initiatives to help OSW.
  • BlumShapiro Performs Business Enterprise Review with Parallel Products
    BlumShapiro Consulting was engaged by Parallel Products to provide a complete Business Enterprise Review. Learn more about their challenges and the ultimate solutions.
  • Museum Utilizes Project Planning and Management Services
    BlumShapiro Consulting was engaged by a large art museum in downtown Hartford to perform Project Planning and Management services for an upcoming exhibit launch and renovation.
  • Microsoft Project Server Helps Global Manufacturer Manage Resources
    BlumShapiro Consulting worked with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tools to improve the company’s project management capabilities with the use of Microsoft Project Server.
  • BlumShapiro Improves Program Management Process for the City of Hartford
    BlumShapiro Consulting was engaged by the City of Hartford to provide Program Management services. Learn more about their challenges and the ultimate solutions.
  • Focusing on the Future- How British Beer Company Used Sage Intacct to Move Forward
    British Beer Company manages 14 pubs across the New England region, and was struggling when it came to processing the accounting information for all of these locations. Learn how BlumShapiro Consulting was able to provide assistance through the use of our Business Process Outsourcing services including the Sage Intacct software.
  • Helping a Remote Workforce Stay Connected with Office 365 - The Discovery Center
    The Discovery Center, a non-profit organization focused on working with schools, youth, families and communities to create opportunities to challenge systemic racism and oppression, was struggling with document sharing and storage for their largely remote workforce. Find out how BlumShapiro Consulting was able to use the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products to help the Discovery Center accomplish their technology goals.
  • BlumShapiro Consulting Helps Pharmaceutical Company Move to the Cloud
    Following a merger, Aralez Pharmaceuticals had the opportunity to rethink traditional IT. Learn how BlumShapiro Consulting was able to provide a host of solutions to address Aralez's key needs.
  • A Dunkin' Donuts Franchisee Runs on Reporting
    Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee, PVMC is a group comprised of over twenty Dunkin’ Donuts store franchises in upstate New York. Find out how BlumShapiro Consulting was able to provide the tools and support needed to help the owner outsource the venture’s back office accounting and focus on moving his business forward.
  • From Spreadsheets to Software: How Sage Intacct Helped Infinex Financial Group
    Infinex Financial Group found themselves in a growth phase—resulting in having to manage the financial reporting of numerous entities. Find out how BlumShapiro Consulting was able to utilize the cloud financial software Sage Intacct to provide the tools and support to move their business forward.
  • How Data-Mail Used Data to Drive Decisions
    With a data-savvy CFO leading the charge, Data-Mail understood the important role that data could play in their processes and decision making. Learn how the organization used data to drive their business decisions.
  • SharePoint Implementation Achieves Greater Capabilities and Accessibility
    A Connecticut college with a rich history was looking to create a website which offered extensive outreach capabilities for key audiences of the college, including alumni, parents and potential new students. To achieve this goal, the current website required a major redesign and installation of interactive capabilities, but a stumbling block arose between the college's IT and communications departments.
  • Master Data Case Study: Legrand North America Manages Enterprise Data
    Like many companies who expand their business horizons through acquisitions and mergers, this eletrical equipment manufacturing company’s master data was fragmented and dispersed, so they turned to Profisee Master Data Maestro for help. Through the use of Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS) as a collective data warehouse and Master Data Maestro's stewardship and workflow capabilities, enterprise data assets were managed quickly and cost-effectively in just six months.
  • Department of Revenue Services Institutes Lean Procedures
    Top management at the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS) agreed that an upgrade to department procedures using 21st Century "lean" techniques would provide better service to the state’s taxpayers. The agency turned to BlumShapiro, widely known for its expertise in assisting government agencies and private firms to solve workplace efficiency issues and establish lean procedures.
  • Business Enterprise Review Finds Efficiencies and Ways to Improve Cash Flow
    A highly successful, regional distributor of office break room supplies was embarking on an expansion of their business model, including the addition of new product line offerings. The anticipated growth was expected to result in a rapidly changing business environment and included the task of adding approximately 40,000 additional SKU product codes to their current system, as well as altering their current sales, supply chain and delivery processes.
  • Technology Solution Cuts Risks for Global Ad Agency
    A worldwide advertising agency with billions in annual income found itself unable to respond to daily fluctuations in global markets – including those that directly affected its clients – because accounts receivable and payments data were transmitted in varying formats that took days to reconcile.
  • Heating Fuel Supplier — Cuts Costs, Increases Profits and Strengthens Their Competitive Advantage
    A leading family owned and highly reputable dealer of propane in southwestern Connecticut was coming off of one of their strongest and most successful years of operation. Unfortunately, their continued success and growth objectives were at risk due to an outdated software system.
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