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HIPAA Compliance: When Was The Last Time?
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Internal controls are essential to companies that want to protect their information assets and provide reliable information. By establishing a set of policies and procedures, our IT controls consultants can help you protect your information assets.

At BlumShapiro, we help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current internal controls and processes. Our proven methodology and testing approach for the internal control environment can provide insight on risk areas and proactively assure directors and shareholders risks are mitigated. Through our process, we gain an understanding of how data is handled and processed and how information assets are protected within your organization. Once we evaluate the current processes, procedures and protocols, we provide solutions to refine, revise and improve appropriate controls for better operations. You can expect from us documentation of your business process workflows and an outline of where the gaps and/or bottlenecks in your processes occur.

Operational Controls Reviews

Over the past several years, new demands have been placed on businesses and organizations. Now, more than ever, company processes and internal control systems used to manage information have to be documented, accurate and accountable.

Many companies have reached a critical milestone where an evaluation of the internal processes, operational controls and technology will help to ensure complete and accurate financial and business information.

Our operational controls review will assess the current workflow practices and controls used by your company. We will collect data to process, manage and report key information. The toolset we have designed, helps us map the current information and process flows of each critical function. This allows us to identify areas of strength and weakness within the current processes and controls of the company.

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Litigation Support Services

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