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Dialogue among stakeholders, audit committees and regulatory authorities on the role and performance of corporate governance has never been more robust or candid. While there are a variety of requirements to be addressed, boards aren't simply looking to comply with minimum requirements.

Directors must understand these compliance issues—both financial and non-financial; therefore a comprehensive program for boards and their key committees is crucial. This is particularly true for the audit committee, which must have a deep understanding of the company's accounting and financial reporting issues to meet its expanding responsibilities. BlumShapiro's management consultants help you improve corporate governance and security with the following services:

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Our team of SOX experts can assist you in complying with both the Section 302, Officer Certification and Section 404, Management Assessment of Internal Controls aspects of Sarbanes-Oxley. We work with your financial statement and IT auditor to enable the attestation to management's assessment of the control environment. Our clearly independent role eliminates any perception of conflicts. BlumShapiro has extensive experience working with public companies to implement a Sarbanes-Oxley compliant internal controls program. We will document, evaluate and test IT general controls as part of management’s assessment.

As part of this effort, we utilize our test script templates and customize these templates to your unique needs. This provides a methodical and thorough approach to designing the appropriate tests of IT controls. It also helps us identify the appropriate controls and determine their effectiveness.

Corporate Governance

Every organization must understand and manage its risks to achieve stability and growth within its respective industry. As part of establishing corporate governance principles, companies need an independent and objective firm to develop policies and procedures to manage risk. BlumShapiro’s consulting practice has been helping companies interpret and implement practical solutions for an increasing and rapidly changing regulatory environment for more than 25 years. Our independent and objective assurance services add value and can improve your organization’s operations.

Our governance consultants assist companies with the development, implementation and monitoring aspects of your corporate compliance programs. These tasks typically include performing a risk assessment, developing documented policies and procedures, developing an internal audit program and developing appropriate protocols for fraud or other significant issues. Additionally, BlumShapiro can provide periodic review and updates as the company’s business environment changes.

Please contact us today to learn more about our SOX and Corporate Governance services.

Litigation Support Services

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