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BlumShapiro offers a range of services to assess your company’s cybersecurity strategy and develop a plan to mitigate risk. If you currently have a more detailed security plan in place, our Threat Assessment consists of more detailed analysis and testing to identify specific vulnerabilities you may be exposed to.

It can help determine where your existing “cybersecurity” processes are falling short, and where you may have areas of weakness.

Our standard Cybersecurity Threat Assessment includes testing for the following:

  • Review IT Security & Controls Policies, Procedures & Protocols
  • Evaluate Security Settings & Controls
  • Evaluate Virus Protection & Malware
  • Review Data Backup & Recovery Procedures
  • Develop Findings & Recommendations

Additional threat assessment offerings include:

  • Wireless Security Review & Test
  • Social Engineering Test
  • Phishing Assessment & Test
  • Internal Security Scan
  • External Penetration Test/ Scan
  • Departmental Security Assessment
  • Compliance Security Assessment
  • IT Policy Development
  • Network Analysis
  • Policy Review, Update & Training
  • Network Activity Monitoring
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

At the end of our Cybersecurity Threat Assessment we will provide you with a report on your deficiencies, vulnerabilities and our recommendations for remediation.

The risks are too high and the opportunities to be breached are too many to be ignored. To schedule an introductory meeting today to discuss your IT Security needs please contact Jeff Ziplow at 860.561.6815 or jziplow@imagineblum.com.

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