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Managing multiple projects using Program Management best practices helps organizations manage the complexities and work/department interdependencies that often plague large endeavors.

BlumShapiro’s program management consultants have many years of large program management experience and leverage PMI’s Program Management standard to help clients plan and execute their programs.

Program management consulting services we can assist with include:

  • Program Scope Management identifies the deliverables, estimates the major risks, and establishes the relationships between project scope and program scope while setting standards for clear achievable objectives.
  • Program Time Management involves processes for scheduling the defined program components necessary to produce the final program deliverables. It includes determining the order in which the individual components are executed, the critical path for the program, and the milestones to be measured to keep the overall program on track and within the defined constraints.
  • Program Cost Management are the processes involved in planning, estimating, budgeting and controlling costs so that the program can be completed within the approved budget.
  • Program Quality Management are the processes involved in planning for, monitoring, controlling, and assuring the quality requirements of the program are achieved.
  • Program Human Resource Management are the processes involved in the planning, acquisition, development and management of the program team(s).
  • Program Communications Management includes the processes for ensuring timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and ultimate disposition of program information. The Program Communication Management processes provide the critical links between people and information that are necessary for successful communications.
  • Program Risk Management are the processes involved with identifying, analyzing, and controlling risks for the program.
  • Program Procurement Management are the processes, inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs associated with procurement resources/materials for the program.
  • Program Financial Management are all of the processes involved in identifying the program’s financial sources and resources, integrating the budgets of the individual program components, developing the overall budget for the program, and controlling costs through the life cycle of both the component projects and program.
  • Program Stakeholder Management defines program stakeholders as individuals and organizations whose interests may be affected by the program outcomes, either positively or negatively.
  • Program Governance ensures decision-making and delivery management activities are focused on achieving program goals in a consistent manner, addressing appropriate risks and fulfilling stakeholder requirements.

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