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It’s not just about doing the right projects, but also about doing projects right.
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Use our checklist to assess whether your organization is maximizing its ROI.

BlumShapiro's project and portfolio management consultants have experience helping organizations across a variety of industries adopt and optimize project management best practices, including process and template development.

Project Management Process Development

There are a wealth of project, program and portfolio management best practices that can be used to improve quality, schedule performance and budget management. Deciding which ones are appropriate for your organization can be a challenge. How do you ensure that they won’t add overhead to your already burdened staff? How do you ensure that people will use them?

BlumShapiro can assist by:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of your current processes and providing recommendations for improvement
  • Identifying new process that will provide the highest value with the least effort
  • Provide change management guidance to ensure buy in and adoption

Project Management Template Development

BlumShapiro can help you find and customize the right template for your project, program or portfolio management needs quickly and easily. We have an enormous library of templates for all industries and applications. Our senior staff have diverse industry experience that enables them to understand your needs quickly.

Some of the many project management templates we can assist with include:

  • Project Management Lifecycle Process Flows
  • Project Request Forms
  • Microsoft Project Templates
  • Portfolio Dashboards
  • Charters
  • Risk, Issues, Changes, Decision and Action Logs
  • Communication Matrix
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Quality Management
  • Stakeholder Registers
  • Status Reports

Please contact us today to learn more about our Project Management Process and Template Development services.

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