As companies and non-profit organizations start to upgrade, expand, enhance or replace their information systems, they often overlook the synergy of integrating all aspects of their systems. The usefulness and success of their new systems heavily depend on approaching all aspects in a highly-collaborative manner. BlumShapiro Consulting helps our clients attain strong results from their systems projects through continuous integration of 4 key areas:

  • Technology Planning
  • Software Selection
  • Systems Implementation
  • Project Management

Technology Planning

BlumShapiro works with you to choose the right systems for short- and long-term return on investment and select technologies to enable future success. We can help you:

  • Increase effectiveness while reducing costs
  • Enable management of new and more complex technology
  • Free up resources to work on priority IT initiatives

Software Selection

With your objectives, requirements, operating model and growth plan we facilitate several vendor demonstrations of relevant software solutions to help visualize how the software can meet your needs and daily activities. We’ll work with the vendor to make sure contract negotiations proceed without trouble including the project approach, cost, schedule and terms and conditions. Our team will also work with you and the vendor to create a detailed project plan that identifies the challenges and risks and accurately measures the time, effort and cost of implementation.

Systems Implementation

Our systems implementation work can help you streamline operations, gain a competitive advantage and achieve efficiency through the deployment of superior business software, related applications and other important technologies. Through planning, product implementation, training, roll-out and post implementation support, BlumShapiro Consulting makes sure your new systems are successful.

Project Management

Applying a disciplined approach, BlumShapiro Consulting helps clients maximize the value of new initiatives or can rescue projects that are under-performing. We use our extensive experiences managing people, processes, technologies, and culture to augment our clients existing capabilities.

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Litigation Support Services

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