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As a business develops their strategy it’s critical they align themselves with an organization that can provide support at various levels. BlumShapiro developed a series of services to assist your organization from a strategic support level.

Software and Process Strategy

Software is not the solution on its own, rather it’s the enabler, requiring a set of well-defined processes providing the backbone for proper use of the functionality the software offers. Before implementing any of its software solutions, BlumShapiro's consultants will work with your organization to develop  a deep understanding of your business–allowing for a configuration that is aligned with your strategy versus you aligning to the software.

Reporting and Analytic Requirement

Once in place, the software must provide management the output needed to manage the business. Within the understanding of your processes, BlumShapiro focuses on understanding your reporting needs and key performance indicators (KPIs) (whether statistical or actual) to help develop a reporting package that is rich in content providing various levels of analytical analysis which can be used to evaluate past performance while helping to predict future results.

Integration Requirements

Our consultants recognize that one solution can’t provide everything and that a “best of breed” approach is often times best as you work towards aligning your technology choices to operations and the back office. In a “best of breed” approach, integration requirements are critical and BlumShapiro has the team to integrate our back office solutions with various best of breed applications creating a “streamlined” environment between operations and the back office.

Virtual CFO

Caught in the crossroads of needing a CFO but not ready to make that investment? The business process outsourcing (BPO) portion of our group provides a Virtual CFO service that gives you the experience and insights of a CFO structured in a way that works for your business. Using cloud based technology supported by regularly scheduled calls / meetings, our virtual CFO service puts a standardized process in place to help through the month end close which is supported by oversight of a CFO level individual.

Finance Strategy, Assessment and Modeling

So with the people, process and technology now in place, we offer a service to assist C-level individuals with assessing financial strategy utilizing various modeling techniques to provide insight to “what if” scenarios. These modeling techniques build on the learnings from the “requirements analysis” which was used during your software implementation; at this point we’ve gained an appreciation of how your business operates.


Litigation Support Services

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