How does your finance organization stack up against your competitors or, more importantly, where you want it to be?

Closing the Performance Gap – Professional Support for Your Organization Strategy, Structure and Planning Process

At BlumShapiro, we know that developing the right structure and aligning your management team around a focused set of strategic priorities will advance your organization toward its longer-term vision.

Our approach will guide your team through a structured planning process. We will help you identify strategic initiatives that best leverage the organization's strengths in view of environmental opportunities and threats. We help your team translate strategic initiatives into actionable operating plans with clear responsibilities and measures.

Utilizing years of experience across multiple industries our team is able to review existing processes and provide recommendations to the “best practices” aligned with your vision and strategies. Whether it’s the AP process, cash management process, the inventory control process, or month end close cycle we are able to align the “best practices” with what’s best for your business.

BlumShapiro's Business Enterprise Review Framework

Review existing business strategy:
In the first step of our BER framework, we work with our clients to review the project objectives of the assessment as well as the strategic business plans. During this stage we will also gather information to assist in defining the strategic directions/plans through interviews with key members of management and executive session reviews. We will also perform a business strategy impact analysis and identify key technical/information system potential solutions.

Assess current business processes and systems:
As part of this assessment, we will document the high-level areas of need, people, process and finally develop a needs framework that will guide the project. Also, as part of this stage we will identify existing systems, their strengths, weaknesses and risks, as well as document key modifications/integrations and other options.

Perform needs analysis:
After evaluating the finding from the assessment stage, we will utilize this information to document and prioritize improvement opportunities. We will also document and prioritize functional and information reporting gaps as well as risks. Lastly, we will prepare and present a needs, risk, and opportunity analysis to management and assessment team.

Provide high-level future options benefit analysis:
During this stage of the framework, we analyze the future options and scenarios. We start by evaluating the capabilities of the existing application portfolio to address business strategy, opportunities and needs, and then we evaluate potential solution options. Lastly, we review each solution option and estimate the benefit value of each.

Present findings:
In the last step of our framework, we will prepare and present our final report to management and the assessment team that includes our recommendations and next steps.

Implementation Services:
Whether based on the results of a Business Enterprise Review or a specific need for your business, we also provide implementation assistance and resources steeped in project management best practice methodologies.  The key is to efficiently and effectively implement the programs and projects you need to focus on your business and growth.


With the people, process and technology now in place, we offer a service to assist C-level individuals with assessing financial strategy utilizing various modeling techniques to provide insight to “what if” scenarios. These modeling techniques build off the learnings from the “requirements analysis” which was used during your software implementation, business enterprise review (BER) or from the finance strategy.

Every organization, regardless of its current capability, can benefit by becoming more analytical over time. Analytic competencies form the foundation of today’s key strategic initiatives and BlumShapiro can help you to:

  • Drive growth — from new markets, new customer segments and opportunities.
  • Enhance cost and cash advantage — through balance sheet efficiency; enhanced working capital; better capital allocation; and return on investment.
  • Improve operational and finance excellence — by realigning the operating model; reengineering key processes; focusing on lean processes and operational effectiveness; finance analytics, reporting and process excellence; and budgeting and forecasting best practices and alignment.
  • Enabling efficient regulatory compliance — proactively aligning processes and systems to enable the business to comply with changing, pervasive industry regulations.
  • Effectively manage risk — through identifying risk sources and process areas, enhancements or improvements to mitigate and manage risk.

Please contact us today to learn more about our Finance Strategy, Assessment and Modeling services.

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