Let’s Envision.

We’re one of the largest business advisory firms in New England, thought leaders who help companies realize their true potential, then blow right past it.

It starts with knowing what's next. And CREATING what's to come. Because when you're way out there ahead of the rest, you're in control.

And when you have that vision, you can get from Point A to Anywhere. Especially when you're not above getting a little dirt under your nails.

Let’s Engage.     

Don’t just expect a three-inch binder full of models and theories from BlumShapiro. Because we're in this for the long haul. For results. We take those thoughts and that vision, and get up and running. Together.

Our practical solutions power your success. Our team will work closely with yours to turn insightful assessments into innovative ideas-and actionable strategies into measurable results.

Because when thinkers and doers collaborate, you can really get thinks done.

  • We develop a multifaceted approach to your business’ goals.
  • We bring pragmatic solutions to your business.
  • We implement processes and systems to support them.
  • We provide change management to engage your organization.

Business Consulting Service Lines

Each of our main areas provide services that span the strategic, tactical and operational needs of your business.

Let’s Emerge.

You can change how business is managed. You can use technology as a competitive advantage. Business ops can really start operating. We're here to help you become something better. Our consultants are proven specialists uniquely positioned to help your organization:

  • Develop a vision and strategy
  • Streamline processes to run more efficiently and eliminate waste
  • Replace or better utilize technology to solve business challenges
  • Deploy a cloud-computing model
  • Find out what information you need and how to leverage information technology to better gather and manage it
  • Prioritize, select, plan and execute your portfolio of business and IT projects
  • Outsource back-office operations

We’re ready to work with you. Let’s imagine doing.

Litigation Support Services

Advisors | Auditors | Consultants | CPAs – BlumShapiro is one of the premier consulting firms in New England and a Top 100 CPA Firm in the U.S. Our professionals serve companies in Boston (MA), Hartford (CT), Cranston (RI), Shelton (CT) and Quincy (MA) with technology consulting, business valuations, litigation support, project management, process & controls and bankruptcy consulting services. We are a Intacct Partner offering accounting software including Cloud ERP solutions. Learn more about our City of the Future offerings.